The Flight

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The Flight - The only piece that is dedicated to the abhorrent fallout of the Covid farce.

During this unprecedented time in history, humanities liberties and freedoms were trampled on by a knee-jerk reaction to a questionable plague like disease. Some of us didn't make it through the isolation period - for this, Lini has decided to dedicated ALL income from this piece to an Australian suicide support and mental well being focused charity called Happiness Co, located in Perth, Western Australia.

Email the inquiry address for further information if you want to bulk buy, advertise and sponsor more pieces like this.


"If you in anyway are even slightly affected and things seem off, please seek out a conversation with a friend, a family member or an anonymous help-line. I assure you your path can be navigated out of this. I don't know you, but I dedicate this piece to the pain you are feeling. I hear you and I see you. I love you and so do the people around you."

Von deLini.